Native, native

Unlike us

Below us in society

And lower in class

Rape and pillage, ransack their homes

Crush every dream they had

She’s useless and worthless

Penniless and detestable

Who, who could love her?

No one could but she’s good for sex

She is dead now

Diseases spread and diseases infect

We can survive them but that bitch couldn’t

We do survive then but that bitch didn’t



Doth though feel as though it’s over

For the storm has not come yet 

The floods have not encompassed me

Nothing matters now my love

The floods shall not encompass me 

For nothing creates a flood in a drought ridden plain

My dear my dear it’s nearly time 

The floods will consume you while I sit high and mighty on my metal throne 

Cold and alone – High and proud 

For it shall be as it was again 

You shall drown in the floods 

Yet I – I shall walk free 

I shall not show fear nor pleasure 

For none is within my lifeless vessel 

My ship shall sail across the sea

I need no sailors for no sailing shall be done 

I need no food for I shall not journey so far as to be hungry 

I need nothing it is my time to sail 

Red white black 

Red white black

And beautiful

Red white black

And lonely 

Red white black 

And vulnerable 

Red white black 

And under threat of death 

Red white black

And lover of 7

Red white black

And poisoned 

Red white black

And in love 

Red white black 

Red as blood

White as snow 

Black as the crow 

Red white black

Stolen at birth 

Stolen at birth 

Cradle snatcher

Locked away 

Hidden from the light of day

Lost to the world 

But never forgotten 

Live for years alone 

Rusty metal scissors 

Never used on her hair 

Could save lives but she cut it off for love

Let him die 

Kill the old bitch 

Then end the suffering of the world 

Cut it off to save him

Cut it off to save herself 

Didn’t think about the greater good 

She deserves to die 

That selfish beautiful girl 

I was

I was once appreciated 

I was once loved

I was once the one for you

Now things have changed 

It’s better for you 

It’s worse for me 

I’m alone yet you’re set free

Like an eagle who has let go of its prey 

You run now from the beast 

The beast you once loved 

The spell lied you witch

That old blasphemous bitch

“True loves kiss will break the spell”

Yet my dear I’m back in hell 

2 weeks as a human 

2 weeks til death as a beast 

Things are never what they seem 

A dying beast was once a king 


I’ve done several poems and thought let’s mix it up let’s just write a little something. So here is a little piece of pure thought from my head.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while now, why do all the best ones die? Why does it seem all the good people of our world die young? Or die forgotten, they do brilliant work and then people forget them. Why? Is it truly just that people who do good are forgotten. Some wish to remain anonymous, they remain secret Heroes, they save lives yet they need no appraisal for they are content knowing they have done good. Others do good and expect to be recognised they expect that their good deeds get remembered and make them look better. 

Of those two types of people, who deserves the praise? It seems they both do good yet the intentions matter more than the deed. Doing good to help others deserves more recognition than doing good for recignition for knowinging that the person does good for others is surely better than than doing good for recignstion, on the other hand we see that actually both have done good and therefore both deserve praise.

My Darling 

I know you’re out there

I know you’re reading 

I see you love me still 

I see you breathing 

Your touch is cold 

Your glance seems distant 

It’s a cruel world my darling 

It’s a hard life ahead 

Take my hand and let’s run 

Take me away to bed 

While we are young let’s live

While we are young let’s escape 

Let life pass by as we stare at the sky

Let life move on as we stare at the sun

My darling let’s live 

My darling it’s our time now 

My Little Mermaid 

Flittering along the shores

Hoping that he saw

No more looking at That Whore

Or any he had, had before

Wishing for that man

Against the wishes of her family clan

A simple girl with simple needs

Willing to leave her pearly beads


A simple spell

By a spinster witch

Sent her up to her darling prince

Far from the sea, away from the fish

A dangerous world

A life she risked


He kissed That Beauty

On the beach – of all places

A tear ran down another cheek

Her man had gone to another bitch

The human form of the spinster witch

A life ruined for our little girl

Homeless, destitute, loveless

Penniless, pitiless and alone

The only choice was to go “home”

But with legs not fins

How can one swim so deep


Water filled her lungs

Her screams were never heard

The deep, dark blue – once her home

Enveloped her and dragged her down

Not back home but to a grave



She lies there awaiting the day

The judgement day when she can say

I loved you to the man who killed her

I hate you to the woman who killed her

I beg you to the man who could have saved her




By the power of Christ 

By the power Judas

By the power of Christ 

By the power of Judas

By the power of Christ 

By the power of Pilate

By the power of Judas

By the power of God

By the power of Christ 

By the power of Pilate 

It’s nothing bad

Just something normal 

That every man 

Believes he’s immortal 

The powerful men 

Are strong and influential 

The men of this world competed for power

The men of this world died for power

And they still compete to beat each other to lead you where they believe truth lies