My Little Mermaid 

Flittering along the shores

Hoping that he saw

No more looking at That Whore

Or any he had, had before

Wishing for that man

Against the wishes of her family clan

A simple girl with simple needs

Willing to leave her pearly beads


A simple spell

By a spinster witch

Sent her up to her darling prince

Far from the sea, away from the fish

A dangerous world

A life she risked


He kissed That Beauty

On the beach – of all places

A tear ran down another cheek

Her man had gone to another bitch

The human form of the spinster witch

A life ruined for our little girl

Homeless, destitute, loveless

Penniless, pitiless and alone

The only choice was to go “home”

But with legs not fins

How can one swim so deep


Water filled her lungs

Her screams were never heard

The deep, dark blue – once her home

Enveloped her and dragged her down

Not back home but to a grave



She lies there awaiting the day

The judgement day when she can say

I loved you to the man who killed her

I hate you to the woman who killed her

I beg you to the man who could have saved her




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