n’oubliez pas 

N’oubliez pas

N’oubliez pas quoi

Ce n’est jamais pour vous 

N’oubliez pas moi 

N’oubliez pas mon rire 

N’oubliez pas 

Ces mots sont dans ma cœur 

N’oubliez Pas 

C’est pour vous ma chérie 

Ce n’était jamais pour moi 

Parce que je suis un truc 

Pas un personne 

N’oubliez pas 



A gathering surrounds you

Confidence exudes 

Yet when they are strangers

It changes your view

You cannot talk or joke

You cannot laugh at all

crushing your personality

Society kills your voice 

A living being reduced to dust

A piece of dust becomes a man 


Take one

Take two 

You don’t need them 

Taste bad – do good 

For you – not me 

Those drugs – don’t need 

Pain goes – don’t bleed 

Death comes – it’s great 

Take me – oh God 

It’s time now – I know 

Take my love – my hate 

It’s strong – can’t wait 

That one 

Those two 

I need them – to help me through 


Tomorrow isn’t far away now 

Yet you won’t reach it 

Not here at least 

So on that boat you sail over oceans 

So in that boat you sail far and wide 

A whole new sunrise in the morning 

A whole new scene when we move on 

It’s a change I know

But we’ll make it in the end 

It’s not over til the curtain closes 

Not over til I die 

You may be oceans away but in my heart you stay 

So go now and sail 

Sail far and wide 

Tomorrow I’ll be there alive in your arms 

So hold me til daylight

I’ll be there at dawn 


Poor and black 

Father dead 

Stuck in her crap life 

2 jobs no sleep 

Becomes a slimy beast 

Life wrecked Again 

Yet it’ll get better 

Better again 

Restaurant opens 

Food sold about 

Food poisoning comes 

Dead clients

Lynch mob a coming 

Hung from a tree 

Another black girl dead 

Good and evil

Good and evil 

Not easily defined

One to avoid 

One to be 

Hail to the devil 

Shun the Virgin Mary 

Good and evil 

Not easily defined 

One is heaven 

One is hell 

Hail the darkness 

Shun the light 

If I am evil then Good 

Yet if I am good, evil I will be 

For evil is good 

And good is evil