I want you dead


I want you dead 

It’s not dead or alive 

I care if you survive 

But one day you will die

And I’ll be happy 

So die now 

And let me be 

So die now 

I’ll be happy 

Every breath you draw 

Every move you make 

Every thing you say 

I want to kill you


I want you to die

Car crash or cancer 

I don’t careeee

Just die – die now

And let me be 

Die now –

And I’ll be happy 

The end of your life is the beginning of mine 

So somebody will kill you so I can survive 

I want you to die


One single touch 

one single touch keeps me alive

A single breath more and it continues 

A single drop of blood helps you carry on 

A single change can add a day more

Yet one single touch adds a year 

One single touch saves the soul of a dead man 

You smug fuck 

you smug fuck 

Yeah you 

I don’t care what you’ve got 

I don’t care what you do 

I don’t care if you even breathe 

But do tell me 

Do tell me 

Was it good? was it worth it?

Why not do it again?

Kill another soul not another man 

Go on I dare you – 

You smug fuck…..

Two cold fingers 

I feel your ghostly touch 

Your two cold fingers against my waist.

It’s odd really I love you and fear you 

Don’t go in haste 

I felt your loving touch 

But it’s now a touch of death 

Those two cold fingers stabbing at my soul

Like needles into a voodoo doll

These cold fingers could kill me 

But would I let that happen to you 

when death comes 

When death comes what’s left

Will they remember or forget 

A few old items in the back of a draw

Kept forever to remember me more

But death strikes again and again 

And so on forever 

Until I am nothing 

A gap or a name 

But nothing more 

Perhaps an old photo 

In the back of a draw 

When I’m nothing 

I hope you remember 

The way I loved you 

My darling forever 

You were the baby 

The one I cared for

In my waning years 

You were there dear 

Some people never knew

Their grandparents 

But you knew me 

So well you knew me

So never forget 

You can never forget 

Let my name live on forever 



Are you even in there 

Would you listen to me if I called

You’re nowhere near paradise

But Jesus Christ 

You’re closer than I can ever be 

I know you are in there

You wouldn’t listen if I called would you 

You’re in paradise

But Jesus Christ 

You’re someone I could never be 

Elephant in the room

There is an elephant in the room

People don’t mention it

But it’s there – a shit among roses 

A fool and a creep 

A bastard and please 

Please stop this 

The world isn’t good 

It’s black and dark 

And death pervades each corner 

Of our lowly lives 

Give up you bitch 

Give up you piece of crap 

It’s over anyway 

The end is coming and I’m the one to go 

The end is coming heavier than the snow

It’s now and it’s today 

It’s now and it’s time 

It’s now and it’s over 

I’m only a man 

I’m only a man 

Singing Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay

I couldn’t possibly know all but I can damn well try  

To know who is that man in the coffin 

He had so many wives 

I can’t even count em

I mean I know there was Lucy and Margaret and Elsie 

And about 20 Mary’s and 10 more Joan’s but who is the man in the coffin

Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay

He died or was killed nobody knows

Suicide or murder no one could guess 

With wives a mourning and burials due 

The police need an answer before their times through 

Another man dead another man dying 

The soul of this man won’t get very far 

He was old and lecherous    

Abusive and cruel 

He deserved what was coming 

And when it came he knew 

Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay 

And now his wives they’re alone in this world 

No one supports them 

Or buys them new pearls 

They’re looking for an answer 

Who killed their man?

And why did they do it so soon?

Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay 

Since this death and the perils of mourning 

I’ve done some research and thinking too

I’ve discovered the man who a killed him 

And by Jove you knew it too

To even utter that he killed himself

Would be sheer madness I know

But look at Elsie poor little Elsie 

Rolling in his money too soon too soon

Elsie was married before this old man 

To a criminal named Jefferey a cruel hearted man 

He killed three men just for excitement 

And it seemed Elsie knew what to do

Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay

So to conclude this rambling mess of words

A man was murdered just by an old bird

She was bitter and twisted 

And so was he 

So why should we care when she’s hung 

Oh I do no see who is to blame 

They’re both as bad as each other

So why should she hang?

why should he be dead?

It really doesn’t matter 

Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay 

Ay dee dee Ay dee dee Ay


Judge a mask

You can’t judge a person

People hide behind masks 

Masks cover people 

If the person comes through 

The mask shatters 

If the person breaks the mask 

The mask breaks the person 

Take off our masks 

Take away our pain 

A mask of porcelain shatters easily 

Yet we all have one 

We all need one without it we are porcelain figures 


It’s cold 

Against your body 

The blood

Doesn’t flow here

It’s strange 

That I should do this now 

I saw

Many others before me

Dead now

From the thing that empowers me

Me next

Oh please tell me now 

I feel

Your fingertips cold and grey

Your death

Was too soon my dear 

But I

Shall join you there forever 

In my

Hand is the only tool