I lay here alone and frightened 

The soil here not my own 

The rain against my window 

It’s a dagger in my soul
The world around me is different 

The clouds are darker now 

The sun shines that bit dimmer 

Every time I shut my eyes
And the wind blows ever stronger 

My old life blows away 

Leaving just a new one 

That gets stranger every day 
And every day it happens 

That new things do appear 

And I cannot stand them 

Anymore than fascists stand a queer 
The world we live in is different 

From the one a century before 

When war was raging in Europe 

And the men died more and more 
A corpse in a trench isnt unlike me 

A soldiers bravery never fails 

Unlike a dying woman who 

Gives up at the final hurdle 



That feeling of guilt is here again 

The dead, died yet I’m free now 

I should’ve been there 

I should’ve saved one 

Or two or three it wouldn’t matter so long 

So long as I could say I saved them 

From the death that came for them 

From the death that ended it all 

From the life they missed 

From the life I live 

From the life of both the young and old 

The sun and the fence 

You sit in the cold

In summer ?

You sit in the sun

And shiver

The night may seem dark

And the far away sun

Seems like nothing to me anymore

You like the moon

It’s far, cold and alone

And has a shroud of black

That conceals it from the world

If the sun is hot

Then why am I cold

If the sky is blue

Then why am i too

This all makes no sense

And I see the fence

Life to the front and death behind

Which way to jump is a question we don’t know

And have to take for ourselves

The heat 

The heat of hell burns the surface of the earth 

And the pain we go through what is it worth 

The children that die – corpses in the street 

And the women raped- they’re just meat

They don’t matter at all in the hell hole called earth 

And human rights are a stain on their shirts 

A blood filled gutter flows fast and free 

And the voices we hear we can never see 

The heat of hell burns the surface of the earth 

And the pain we go through what is it worth 


Cut open my body 

Slice open my heart 

Searching for reason 

A reason for death 

Rip open my lung 

Tear into my veins 

As my blood pours out 

And the darkness comes again 

Doctor you know

You know I am dead

Why desecrate my body 

When there’s nothing else left 

If people say 

Love don’t need a reason 

Then why the hell

Does death