I lay here alone and frightened 

The soil here not my own 

The rain against my window 

It’s a dagger in my soul
The world around me is different 

The clouds are darker now 

The sun shines that bit dimmer 

Every time I shut my eyes
And the wind blows ever stronger 

My old life blows away 

Leaving just a new one 

That gets stranger every day 
And every day it happens 

That new things do appear 

And I cannot stand them 

Anymore than fascists stand a queer 
The world we live in is different 

From the one a century before 

When war was raging in Europe 

And the men died more and more 
A corpse in a trench isnt unlike me 

A soldiers bravery never fails 

Unlike a dying woman who 

Gives up at the final hurdle 


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