Fuck your crying 

Fuck your crying 

I just don’t care 

Even if your dying 

I just don’t care 
Fuck your sob story 

I just don’t care 

Even if you worry 

I just don’t care 
Fuck your emotions 

I just don’t care 

Go travel into the oceans 

I just don’t care 
Fuck your death 

I just don’t care 

Fuck your funeral 

I just don’t care 

Fuck your mourners 

I just don’t care 

Fuck everything to do with you 

I just don’t care 

Your not the person that I once knew 

I just don’t care 



Peel off my skin 

Beneath is a layer of bitterness 

Peel off my skin 

Beneath there is not colour

Peel off my bitterness 

Beneath is only sweetness 

Peel off my bitterness 

Beneath there is a sweet undying  love

Take my sweetness 

Beneath is a layer of nothing a void 

Take my sweetness 

Beneath there couldn’t be anything 

In days gone by

In days gone by 

I’d laugh and I’d cry

And I meant it 
In future years 

Beyond the tears 

I’ll do that again 
In these dark days 

Where nothing stays 

And everything is false 

I’ll fake it and make it something it’s not 
One day my laugh will be true 

One day my tears will mean something too 

But till then I shan’t care 

I shan’t laugh I shan’t stare 

I’ll be nothing all day 

I’ll be nothing all night 

And then one day I’ll come right out and say 

It’s me I’m me 

I’ll laugh when I want 

And say what I want 

I won’t be what you want anymore

No that’s right I won’t be 

I can’t be I shan’t be 

What you want anymore 

Padded cell 

Padded on my left

Padded on my right 

Lock me up and leave me here all night 
White white white all around 

Not a splash of colour 

Padded, oh so padded even on the ground 
Count count one two three 

Count count four five six 

Which day will it be that they come for me 
This isn’t right I’m not mad

I’m not crazy – no old hag 

I’m sane I swear I know I am when I prove it I’ll be glad
But for now it’s padded and white 

And I hate it so much 

This cell isn’t mine it shouldn’t be mine you put me here out of spite 
I have talent I have skill 

I have class I have nothing 

You took it all and left me here here in this white hell 
White white oh gosh so white 

It’s like everything is gone 

Like snow has covered all in just one long night
Freedom isn’t mine 

Freedom isn’t yours 

Freedom is an idea not a thing no one can have it – if I can’t no one can – this white it’s a sign 
The white a sign! This is my heaven 

Hell isnt white hell could be white 

If hell is white it’s padded too leave me here and I’ll be mad but I’m not I’m not – one two three four five six seven..
I’ll count till I’m free so I can make you pay 

Pay for every day lost 

I loose 7 so will you I loose 20 so will you so set me free today 


In the heat of the day 

They all say 

I’m a freak 

I’m cold 

I’m pale 

The world is dark 

Unlike my skin 

Take my skin then 

Tear it off me 

Throw salt in my wounds 

And push me away 

I never loved you anyway 

So leave me 

In a pile of sweat 

Moaning and groaning 

Begging for death 

It’s not the world we want

But it’s what we’ve got

So get over it 

And learn to love it

For without me 

You’ll do better 

For without me 

You’ll be fine 

For without me 

You’ll be happy forever 

I’m the only reason you cry 

Oh I’m the problem 

The darkness 

The vermin 

The disease 

That’s killing you 

I’m the only reason your dying 

Without me you’d muddle through 

I’m the blinds closing out daylight 

I’m the barrier from happiness too 

If I wasn’t here 

You’d have it all 

But I’m here 

And so are you 

So look at my pale face 

And the darkness that surrounds it

So look at my red lips 

And the darkness in my eyes

It isn’t going 

And neither are you 

You are a prisoner 

An inmate of hell

And I’m the jailer 

The devil here too

So sweat in this hell hole

I never do

For I’m cold 

And it’s colder with you 

Oh if you weren’t here

You’d be in heaven 

A place you deserve 

But I won’t let you 

For I’m selfish 

And know you better

Know you better than you ever knew me 

I’m a secret 

A fly on the wall

A shadow of a person 

You used to love 

I’m an empty shell

A broken casing 

The person inside 

Completely withdrew


I can taste it

In the back of my throat 

The taste of hell 

The taste of life

It pervades 

Taste and smell 

It seaps through every crack 

It floods the world 

It’s everlasting 

It’s mine forever 

No one can take that 

No one would 


A shot in the dark 

A thief in the night

They disappear 

So do I 

I’m going into the shadows 

A place I can hide 

A place you can’t come 

A place of my own 

For once the dark 

For once it’s mine 

For once I’m alone 

As we stand 

As we stand 

Wind in our hair 

Gun in hand 

Together we go 
One last kiss

Baby don’t miss 

When I fall 

You fall too 
Shots ring clear 

Both fall down 

Bodies sink below the ground 

Over now worries gone  

Death has taken away their song 


Feathers on the floor 

Glass smashed by the door 

The world we knew before 

No longer so sure 
It’s changed now 

The sky is blacker 

The night is longer 

The light is dimmer 
Hope is gone now 

The world ruined 

That glass was my protection 

Those feathers my destiny 

A bargaining 

Push back my arms 

They’re weak and broken 

Open my heart 

Stick your dagger in 

Crack off my legs 

I don’t need them 

I’m just a walking shell of

What I used to be 

Open your eyes 

You used to love me 

Now look at me 

Broken and bruised 

I’m getting thinner 

You’re the winner 

Oh we both knew 

You couldn’t lose 

So let me go 

They’ll kill me anyway 

At least right now

I’ve got a chance 

You don’t have to 

Stop me baby 

Because darling 

You lost me too soon