In the heat of the day 

They all say 

I’m a freak 

I’m cold 

I’m pale 

The world is dark 

Unlike my skin 

Take my skin then 

Tear it off me 

Throw salt in my wounds 

And push me away 

I never loved you anyway 

So leave me 

In a pile of sweat 

Moaning and groaning 

Begging for death 

It’s not the world we want

But it’s what we’ve got

So get over it 

And learn to love it

For without me 

You’ll do better 

For without me 

You’ll be fine 

For without me 

You’ll be happy forever 

I’m the only reason you cry 

Oh I’m the problem 

The darkness 

The vermin 

The disease 

That’s killing you 

I’m the only reason your dying 

Without me you’d muddle through 

I’m the blinds closing out daylight 

I’m the barrier from happiness too 

If I wasn’t here 

You’d have it all 

But I’m here 

And so are you 

So look at my pale face 

And the darkness that surrounds it

So look at my red lips 

And the darkness in my eyes

It isn’t going 

And neither are you 

You are a prisoner 

An inmate of hell

And I’m the jailer 

The devil here too

So sweat in this hell hole

I never do

For I’m cold 

And it’s colder with you 

Oh if you weren’t here

You’d be in heaven 

A place you deserve 

But I won’t let you 

For I’m selfish 

And know you better

Know you better than you ever knew me 

I’m a secret 

A fly on the wall

A shadow of a person 

You used to love 

I’m an empty shell

A broken casing 

The person inside 

Completely withdrew


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