Padded cell 

Padded on my left

Padded on my right 

Lock me up and leave me here all night 
White white white all around 

Not a splash of colour 

Padded, oh so padded even on the ground 
Count count one two three 

Count count four five six 

Which day will it be that they come for me 
This isn’t right I’m not mad

I’m not crazy – no old hag 

I’m sane I swear I know I am when I prove it I’ll be glad
But for now it’s padded and white 

And I hate it so much 

This cell isn’t mine it shouldn’t be mine you put me here out of spite 
I have talent I have skill 

I have class I have nothing 

You took it all and left me here here in this white hell 
White white oh gosh so white 

It’s like everything is gone 

Like snow has covered all in just one long night
Freedom isn’t mine 

Freedom isn’t yours 

Freedom is an idea not a thing no one can have it – if I can’t no one can – this white it’s a sign 
The white a sign! This is my heaven 

Hell isnt white hell could be white 

If hell is white it’s padded too leave me here and I’ll be mad but I’m not I’m not – one two three four five six seven..
I’ll count till I’m free so I can make you pay 

Pay for every day lost 

I loose 7 so will you I loose 20 so will you so set me free today 


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