In days gone by

In days gone by 

I’d laugh and I’d cry

And I meant it 
In future years 

Beyond the tears 

I’ll do that again 
In these dark days 

Where nothing stays 

And everything is false 

I’ll fake it and make it something it’s not 
One day my laugh will be true 

One day my tears will mean something too 

But till then I shan’t care 

I shan’t laugh I shan’t stare 

I’ll be nothing all day 

I’ll be nothing all night 

And then one day I’ll come right out and say 

It’s me I’m me 

I’ll laugh when I want 

And say what I want 

I won’t be what you want anymore

No that’s right I won’t be 

I can’t be I shan’t be 

What you want anymore 


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  1. thefeatheredsleep · August 20, 2015



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