Once It’s Over

Once It’s Over I’ll have time

Once more I’ll commit my crime

When the day is late and the sunshine gone

I listen to that old familiar song

Ill feel those feelings I felt long ago

All come back into my empty soul

It never left just was replaced

And one day soon

By the light of the moon

The cold metal will hit me once more

The stings will flow through me once more

Once more I’ll commit my crime

The one crime you cannot kill with time

The one crime that haunts every thought

My escape was short lived

My escape was no escape

My escape was sunshine and air

But they both go leaving darkness



Show off more 

Don’t cover that bust 

Let them pump and thrust 

Show off what you’re mamma gave ya 

Doesn’t matter whether you want it you’re going to get it

Wearing that, really?

She was asking for it 

Hey hey hey hey show off more 

Sell your body to the night 

Pumping and grinding till morning light 

Hey hey hey she never asked for that 

Hey hey hey she was only wearing that as she couldn’t be seen in what she wanted 

It’s not easy for a woman like her

A woman who is a man 

A woman who wears the body the surgeon made 

A woman who can’t escape the fate decided long ago 

A woman dead before she lived 

What you see 

What you see is never what you get 

My clothes may be bright but inside its pitch black 

The outside of me is young and free but within I am trapped in a cage 

And no matter what age you reach that cage won’t let you go free

It’s strange to think when you look at me you can be so wrong 

I’m standing here knocking back beers 

And no I’m not having fun but hey hey there’s a smile on my face 

So that means I’m doing fine? Oh gosh if you knew 

The things I’ve gone through they’d break your heart right up 

With a hammer to your head there’s nothing left but to die in peace

Well I wished that got me but it’s plain to see in stuck with me 

Until the bitter end 

No matter how far I will always smile no matter the pain within

It’s not my place to make a fuss 

My death would be a release 

To thine own self 

To thine own self be true 

Unless you’re like me 

Then hide yourself away 

Shut every door, close every blind 

Make them blind to who you really are 

To thine own self be untrue 

Change who you are for them 

Never let your true colours shine 

Who you are shall be what they want 

Who you are shall not be you 

To thine own self be untrue 


Keeping me warm 

Yet I’m freezing inside 

The fire rages in my soul 

It enflames my heart 

And consumes my every being 

The flames surround my lungs 

My veins and arteries pulsate 

The internal destruction is endless 

It spreads like a fatal disease 

Every time that I try to quash 

The fire – I bleed 

My brain won’t go unscathed 

My brain won’t survive 

These flames destroy all that exist in me 

These flames ensure I cannot live 

That feeling

That feeling isn’t new, its been with me before

this feeling overtakes my soul

my heart in my hand as I lay sprawled on the floor

death is our only goal

That feeling is uncontrollable, you cannot quash it

it thrives and develops within

the metal in my hand as i sit

sets me free from this skin

that feeling kills me , its powerful and cruel

and i cannot survive with this inside

waste not your food on me, I’ll take gruel

im not stupid fool- I’m the dead before life’s gone, I’m the singer with no song, that feeling did this to me so set yourself free so you can be something altogether better than me

My mind 

My mind goes dancing 

Waltzing down never ending hallways 

It’s rumba – a sexual expression that can never be voiced

My mind goes dancing 

It salsa’s in the streets

And tangoes with anyone it meets

My mind goes dancing 

Beautifully dancing 

Talented and graceful 

My mind isn’t me 


Step right spin and drop 

Stand tall and proud 

Let your leg show 

Don’t hide what you’ve got 

Hold the cloth of your dress

Lift it and spin letting it flutter

Stride forwards drop again 

Stand tall and proud 

Spin spin spin spin 

Drop stand drop stand 

Leap high with legs apart 

One before your heart 

The other behind your plainer part 

Now it’s done over finished 

So let’s lay back cross our legs 

Slit our wrists and wait to die