What you see 

What you see is never what you get 

My clothes may be bright but inside its pitch black 

The outside of me is young and free but within I am trapped in a cage 

And no matter what age you reach that cage won’t let you go free

It’s strange to think when you look at me you can be so wrong 

I’m standing here knocking back beers 

And no I’m not having fun but hey hey there’s a smile on my face 

So that means I’m doing fine? Oh gosh if you knew 

The things I’ve gone through they’d break your heart right up 

With a hammer to your head there’s nothing left but to die in peace

Well I wished that got me but it’s plain to see in stuck with me 

Until the bitter end 

No matter how far I will always smile no matter the pain within

It’s not my place to make a fuss 

My death would be a release 


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