Rivers belong where they can flow freely,

Waves belong where sea meets land,

We all belong where our lives take us,

But none the less you’re not welcome here.

You don’t belong and can’t belong and therefore,


If the river is deep and the current swift, jump in,

If the waves are powerful and rough and there are sharp rocks, swim out,

We all belong where our lives take us,

When they end is meant to be the end.

Some of us will die soon some not for years,

Yours is sooner, Yours isn’t years away.



When the world is turning dark outside, The mirror’s within reflect the black back into your soul.

And no matter which paths you choose, The winding roads mean you will always loose your goal.

The rust coloured leaves, blow down the street, a pile grows and people kick them away.

The rain pours and your umbrella breaks but you can’t do anything bout it, just carry on you can’t delay.

As cold turns to freezing and day into night, the puddles from water turn into ice.

And you slip and you stumble, you trip and you fall and you know your hearts already done that all, and it’s not nice.

The cold penetrates your knitted jumper and your skin turns paler than before, complexion of a corpse.

A shiver runs down your spine, your body quivers and aches, your body arches and warps.

As you breathe that familiar cloud floats into the night sky, it is set free, is it your soul?

And as it disperses and disappears you see the raindrops turn to tears and the cold and ice turn into your darkest fears, you look up your eyes as dark as coal.




When you try for years to stop the tears of someone you once loved,

When their pain is gone and their life goes on when they wished to be dead,

When they’re fine now you’re dying and they’re moving forward while you’re being dragged backwards.

When the changes they made are the ones you need,

But they’re blind to the life that you lead,

Well come on down, stand around as we enter another endless night.

When they’re cuts heal and your’s open wider,

When they’re seeing the light and your stuck in the dark.

Well fuck that, fuck it all, there is nothing so ridiculous as your endless nights.

A single tea light

When the wind has swept through the garden,

And the darkness of night is descending,

Be glad of that one tea light on the door step.

See the guidance it brings you,

Small and insignificant yet impactful on the darkness,

It could be crushed easily,

Yet its flame burns bright,

It can be put out yet it burns for you.

A single tea light in the distance burns brightly,

Move towards it and you see the shadows change,

The flame flickers and the trees move,

The change in the air,

The chill on your spine,

The dark in your eyes.

A tea light many be small, weak and pathetic,

But its tongue can do as much damage as that of a snake,

It can flick and toss and leap and curl and you cannot escape its reach.


I broke every vow,

I vowed never again, yet here I am

I vowed I would’t, yet I do

Everything I touch breaks so why should’t every vow.

Vows are fragile,

Like animals in a glass menagerie they can be shattered in seconds,

No matter how careful you are,

One day they will break as I broke


You were beautiful and made me smile,

But that only lasted a short while.

I was bitter and cold and you’re fire was fading,

You had to go to save yourself

Well look what you left behind.

You were wonderful unit you tore my soul in two,

And let me die while he loved you.

Replacements come, replacements go

None are the same, none are as wonderful

As you once were. None could be or will be.

So shall I just end it all here and now or shall you return to me?

There is no pressure on you, my life is over anyway

My wonderful bird, the cage is open-

Fly free and live. Let not the fire clip your wings.


Why do I know you?

Have we met before?

I feel as if you’re face isn’t new

As if we have met onceĀ more

You’re different now yet the same its true!

You don’t know me why would you?

It was many years ago,

Back when the sky was bright and blue.

Back when winter was blanketed with snow.

Nowadays I just see you and think

Do you know me or am I shadow of the past?

When you’re on the brink,

Do you think of our last….

Why do I know your face?

I cannot place it in my memory,

Am I mad in this place?

Is yours the face from a story?

Why do I know you when alas you know not me?



Blood and blades

There is blood on my hands and it soaks into everything I touch.

I feel the river flow over my skin, turning my pale body the colour of hell’s fires.

There is a change in me at night that dies with morning light,

Yet blood stains remain as do the blades, the blades that will be used once more.

And again and again till the only escape possible takes me.

Feel my hands, they’re hot with the blood pulsing through my body,

They’re hot with the blood that soaks them.

Blood and blades summarises my life, they cannot be taken, they are me and I am them.

Life is not life for me for I do not live, I survive.


there is complete silence in the hallway of my mind tonight

the breeze that blows is cold like ice upon the finger of one frost bitten and alone

the hallway is empty, more of a void

the clutter that once filled it has now been destroyed

an empty hallway leading to a broken arch

step through and you fall into the endless dark

turn back and you face the hallway once more

the hallway that kills you with its emptiness

the hallway of my mind has a light

yet that light flickers on and off

mainly off rarely on

the hallway in my mind shall soon be gone