Who makes the decisions around here?/ Let me meet your boss.

I do things I cannot comprehend or even pretend to,

When the blades in my hands another force Spurs me on,

When the knifes cutting deep it isn’t me holding the handle.

The changes that happens aren’t my decision, 

When I make an action I’m not present,

My hands move without me, my mouth moves without me.

Everything I do isn’t done by me, innocent of all charges am I.

If it’s not me that controls me then let me know who,

Let me meet the one who believes they have power,

Let me look into the eyes of my killer.

When I break free, because I will,

I’ll be the first one on that plane,

I’ll be out of here without a care in the world,

I’ll be me finally and I’ll be free finally and the time will go by and I won’t ever cry for I shall be my own King.


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