Easy future

You think I have given up because where I want to be next requires no work

You don’t look any deeper or see how I’m hurt,

You believe I am lazy and a show off as well,

Well it’s not like that at all when you’re living in hell.

Changes may happen to those who work hard,

But why work for the future when you live in the past?

The blue skies are grey now,

The sunsets are black.

There’s nothing you can do now,

Just take another step back.

You see me as something I do not wish to be,

Im not happy, or careless and I’ll never be free,

You think I like that my future is achievable and there,

But you are wrong oh so wrong

For I’ll never be there.

I’ll be the one who tripped,

Fell down in no mans land.

Died on his back with blood pouring,

Seeing a star blink as if it’s a warning.

As the noble and brave run past my new grave,

I see their boots tread in the mud,

And I question once more what I ever lived for

For my body’s become the mud.

My future may be easy and achievable too

But I’ll never get there, unlike all you.




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