Peel off my skin

Peel off my skin,

I won’t feel a thing,

You’ll be the one crying.

Peel back each layer,

Tear apart my soul,

Ley’s see whats in the centre.

Every layer the same,

Thinner and thinner the deeper you go,

Is there a beating heart in the centre.

Peel off my skin and tear back my organs,

Find what lies inside try and find a reason,

Peel as much as you like,

I don’t care now,

But let me know what you find,

Or if the emptiness wasn’t just my mind.


Let it fray, let it go

The rope so tight around my neck,

I feel every muscle in me in me tense,

From happy go lucky to shaking wreck,

That’s it, I’m picking my side of this fence.


I feel the rope scratching my skin,

The stool under my feet creaks under my weight,

I take one last swig of that disgusting gin,

And now it’s time, no more time to wait.


As the stool falls to the floor,

And my body swings in the centre of the room,

I hear you coming in through the door,

I see your face once more through the gloom.


I see your smile once more as you stare at me,

And I see in that smile that you are now free,

And I see in that smile that you wanted this,

When you said, you loved me you meant you wanted me dead,

When you said you loved me you were taking the piss,

When I said I loved you, well imagine my dread now.

My garden

My cherry blossom tree is not dead,

Though I’ve never seen it bloom till now,

The pastel pink floats through the air,

Landing softly in her short, dark hair.

My roses have never stood so straight,

With not even one to represent,

The past when every flower wilted,

Then died before they lived.

My ivy has never been so green,

Blending in amongst this scene,

It reflects her eyes up into the skies,

And the clouds are gone forever.

My oak that used to howl and moan,

Has lost its scratchy bark and bone,

It’s leaves now softer to the touch,

They resemble her oh so much.

My daffodils have never been so yellow,

And my hydrangea thrives,

It’s all strange and so surreal,

To see my garden come alive.