I’ve lost it all,

Every last scrap I had,

Blown away in the wind to a place where the sun will not shine,

It’s been torn from my arms and they’re now bleeding into the sand,

And the waves lap at my ankles while my feet stand dead still,

But in my head I’m running and the wind in my hair is unreal,

The birds that fly by are the ones standing still and I’m the one on the move,

My feet may not move but my head’s hurtling into the oncoming traffic below,

On the steel of the bridge or on a stony ridge, my feet are firm,

And I may be a statue but in my head I’m diving headfirst,

And on impact I don’t cry out in pain,

And in midair I don’t scream or even exclaim,

All I do is smile as I see the inevitability of the end,

And I smile as I know I have finally let go of the edge.


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