Sing hallelujah when I am here no more,

Raise your voice and sing it load and clear,

Let the music fill everybody’s ear,

And let the world be shaken to it’s core.

Let praise roll, off the tongue of everyone,

And when night comes, Sing to the stars,

Don’t let the moon be dim in the headlights of the cars,

Sing hallelujah, let your singing stun.

Let the voices of the nightingales sing, oh, so sweetly,

But your voice should be clearer than them all,

Will you hear the voice of God and the voice of me as we, oh, so softly call,

Sing hallelujah till the dawn comes fleetly.

Point your coronets to heaven for the angels dead,

Point your horns to the devil down below,

Let the song play on, through darkest night and in the morning glow,

Sing hallelujah and remember the words I once said.


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