May the weather dictate 

May the weather choose for me

If I die or if I live

May rain force tears from eyes

While thunder forces screams and cries

Flashes of white on the sky and smatterings of red on me

May the weather dictate who I am who I’ve been

May sun make me burn

And may a flood drown my soul

May weather be my dictator

For I no longer have control



Bloody streaks on the tiled floor 

Dead again like I was before 

Staining all with my reddened hands 

Nothing compares to my bleeding bones 

And down my body every blood drop rolls 

The way I died was the same again and I’ve seen the light 

It flickers now and then but it lures me to hell 

And at the gates I fall in a bloody pool 

I’m a mess and I’m broken 

And I’m bleeding and bruised 

But my minds still alive like a big cauldron 

Bubbling boiling alive with ambition 

I just wish my heart and soul would be that way too

Once again 

You work so hard for so long

You build a wall so high 

You build foundations so deep

Then when they come it’s gone

It can disappear and tumble in seconds 

Crashes and burns and dies 

It’s like what’s happening to you inside 

Your soul is on fire and your heart can’t take this pain 

So let’s get out what we got out before 

Let’s do what we did once again 

Let’s make your tears run with blood

Let’s make your blood salty with tears 

The world may be crashing and burning 

But you can still slit open your chest

To finally know if your heart is beating 


The tears I cry are blood red,

And they stain my pale skin,

The tears I cry run down me,

And drip off of my chin, 

The tears I cry are painful,

They keep me awake at night,

The tears I cry are bloody,

With the demons in my mind,

The tears I cry are pouring,

Like a torrent that can’t be stopped,

The tears I cry are blood red, 

And they’ll never ever stop.

I haven’t felt

I haven’t felt that feeling on my skin 

In so many days and oh what long long days they have been.

I haven’t needed what only I can do

Until today when all my old wounds became new.

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone

The dreams I used to have are dead and gone.

I love this feeling that I’ve missed so much

Now while I’m bleeding I can reach into the empty air and clutch.

The ending is fitting it’s just like the start

Covering a bed with blood and waiting for the last beat to come.

I haven’t felt this heart beat

So fast yet so slow,

Since that time before,

That both you and I know 

Wall 4 

I shall never break the fourth wall,

My act is one of tradition one that cannot change,

The act lives on even when I’m gone, 

The act that I have always made,

This show shall continue for years to come, 

As it has in years gone by,

Let the fourth wall crumble 

When the time comes 

But now let that wall grow higher than ever 

Separating life from death 


A claw sharp as a razor pierces your skin,

That red liquor of hell pours once more and you know where you’ve been.

You fall onto your knees as the second claw sinks in,

You reach out and fall you miss the taste of that shitty cheap gin.

The claws pull on you and your skin rips and splits,

Your deformed body dragged through dirt and mud and you loose your wits.

Then you’re back again where you started,

The claws have saved you from death,

The claws have dragged you back to deaths door for the last time this time.