Won’t you

Won’t you love me because I need you to,

I’m breaking inside and the darkness is through and through,
You could draw some light and show me salvation,

You have power and strength beyond what you know,

You can save a man from death and he will see heaven,

Or you could let him die and plunge to hell,

Whether you save me or not,

Whether you love me or not,

Whether you help me or not,

My death shall leave one less space in the ground,

One less statistic in the number of men,

My life shall mean nothing,

As it has done in my lifetime,

My life shall be all it has been,

A waste and a mishap.


All I haven’t doneĀ 

I’ve never found beauty,

Or stared in its face.

I’ve never seen truth,  

Or found a lost star.

I’ve never known perfection, 

Or loved with no fear,

I’ve never forgotten the voice in my ear,

I’ve never gone wild or been impulsive,

I’ve never just done it and not planned ahead.

I’ve never been there when you came home to welcome you into my arms, 

I’ve never tried hard to make you smile,

I’ve never had my perfect day.

So if I die I miss out on this but at least I’ll have known what was there,

So now if I die I shall be content, to accept what hasn’t been – but now if I live I’ll live for me – now I shall live to do all I’ve never done