I miss the nights I could close my eyes and dream,

I had idyllic visions of my future and life,

What a joke now, I close my eyes and the darkness darkens,

At night I cannot fight back against my thoughts,

They ruin me, they control me,

They show me what I will never be, what I am, what I was,

They show me death, destruction and devastation,

I will not have a grave, I will not have a plaque,

No memorial or ceremony, I will slip away,

I will become one with my darkness in a place noone can find me again,

I am there now, Yet I am not dead,

I will make it to death, I will make it to my darkness,

My demons are my only lovers,

My shadows are my  only friends,

My pain is my family and my heartache is my life,

Pain runs me, Shadows own me, Suffering dictates my life,

Why live when darkness reigns supreme,

The candle went out years ago,

But I am the scorch mark it left,

I am the walking embodiment of the end of life,

Darkness, consume me,

Shadows, take me,

Death, I am yours.


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