Well, here I am again…

Well, here I am again… hidden away in the darkness my own mind provides.
Next door they shout and sing and believe in the joy of everything.
In here I shout and scream with the demons of my head.
I won’t ever return to where they stand and party, I am not one of them.
I am the outsider the one who disappears and no one realises goes except the one who you can’t tell if he cares or hates you.
It’s strange for when you care they don’t.
But they care when you can’t see it until it’s too late and your looking down on their immense turmoil.
Looking down on them thinking they made you do what you did.
How could they have? You know they were nothing to do with this…
But they never will, they never can, they are the blamed when the blameless see no one else.
You are to blame but you are gone- You dodged the bullet of blame and took the bullet from the gun.


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