Finding love, wanting death

It’s the hardest combination, finding love when you’re wanting death,

You want death because you’re alone,

The hunt to not be alone makes you want to die,

It’s ironic really that the path from death is leading you to it,

The dead don’t love and those in love don’t want death,

Well pick one already,

Go on, make your choice, 

Make that leap and make it soon,

Once you have that behind you,

The sun can rise and the night can end,

Ha! The sun won’t rise,

The night won’t ever end,

Love will make you feel loved,

But will they truly care, will they be faithful,

Will they be the one or will the heartbreak push you deeper into the claws of hell,

Will anyone stop these feelings,

Will it ever be that you can say ‘I am happy’ 


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