Crossing a bridge.

I took the leap I’ve been waiting to take,

And in my head I imagined falling forever,

But I also imagined making it to the other side amongst cheers and confetti,

But I never imagined I’d land flat on my face,

My knees grazed and hands bleeding,

My heart beating but my brain dead,

I said what I had to say,

And she tore out every bit of hope I had,

The outsider I believed I was was now confirmed to me by my own mother,

I wasn’t just thinking it, I now knew it,

Is there anything worse than that moment that should change your life going so wrong,

Is anything going to shatter my lasting hope,

I say I don’t care, I say I’ll move on,

But she will never know what she did that day,

She didn’t lose a son, she made a son hate her,

She didn’t lose him, he’s there but he’s angry now,

Not angry, but hurt, and hurt means hate.


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