I’m good 

Yeah I’m the best, been having great nights sleep, 8 hours minimum,

Been eating tasty food, been exercising too,

I’ve been studying so much,

I’ve been getting the best grades possible,

I’m really doing so goddamn well,

I’m the best.

Yeah I’m good, been sleeping well,

Been eating more, been so healthy,

I’ve been working hard,

I’ve been getting great grades,

I’ve been a success,

I’m good.

Yeah I’m fine, been sleeping okay,

Been struggling to eat, been a bit unhealthy,

I’ve been doing my work,

I’ve been scraping through on grades,

I’m managing,

I’m fine.

No, I’m done, I can’t sleep,

I can’t eat, I’m a mess,

I’ve been missing things,

I’ve been failing,

I can’t do this,

I’m done.

No, I am dead inside, I don’t need to sleep,

I don’t need to eat, My body is dead,

I no longer try,

I’m a failure,

I couldn’t do it,

I am dead inside.


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