Mixed up mindset 

Your brains become a cocktail shaker,

It’s muddling up all you know, 

You’re confused bout how you feel,

And the pains all too real,

But you’re happy right now too?

You’re a mess of emotional contradictions,

You’re a tangled web of thoughts,

You know how you want to feel,

You know how you felt,

But you don’t know how you feel right now,

You’ve got a mixed up mindset,

And it rattles you to the core,

You wish you knew how the others felt bout you,

For if you knew how they were,

Could you match that too?

Or would the truth put you out in the clear?

You won’t untangle the knot in your brain but you can make it through,

Stay strong little man, 

And I know that you can be the man that you’re dreaming of being.


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