Allow me to say;

Say it all, please be honest, 

Let’s hear every word,

Every um and ah that you’ve ever considered,

Every sound you’ve wished to make,

People say to hide your feelings,

But it’s time the world saw more,

It’s time that men can say out loud,

When they’re sad, when they’re weak,

When they’re alone, when they’re scared,

Men need the opportunity to open up,

It’s about time we could speak our minds,

A man has a mind,

The same as a woman,

But she can openly cry,

She can say what she feels,

She can rely on her friends when men can’t,

It’s not fair, it’s our world,

It’s time that we changed,

Let’s give men a chance,

Let’s not let the emotions they hold be their deaths, 

Let emotions run free,

Let tears pour,

It’s time not to say it all.


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