I’m a muddle I’m sinkingĀ 

It’s not so simple, it’s not so easy,

I’m a recovering mess,

So many say how they feel see it as okay,

So many say the truth while I cannot,

I stand up taller each day,

But I get pushed back everytime,

No one understands it fully,

And no one ever truly can,

It’s funny how all that you need is that one person to care,

But when that one person doesn’t exist,

When you just crave that attention,

You’ll be alone till it’s all over,

Once you have that one,

Once you’re in that place,

Everything else will be okay,

When one thing is fixed the rest will follow.



Mental health awareness week,

Shouldn’t it last all year,

To share our pain and progress,

To let the world know what we go through,

Some talk of the friends and family they have by their sides,

Some talk of the progress and the immense strides,

No one talks of regression,

Or falling back once more,

No one talks of the pain when there is no one to turn to,

No one talks of the hurt when you’re alone,

When the support promised isn’t there,

When the pain is perpetually there,

MHAW I love you and you matter so much,

But make this more, make it better, 

Let it touch the soul of everyone who has known and knows this pain,

Let those who won’t know and never truly will know what it is to suffer like this.

Hoping, just hoping

Perpetually I am hoping,

Hoping, just hoping,

Wishing it’ll get better soon,

Hoping I’ll be okay too.

Perpetually I am hoping,

Hoping, just hoping,

That I’ll find someone who’ll care for me,

That they’ll be there and love me.

Perpetually I am hoping,

Hoping, just hoping,
That love will be mine, with sex, passion and happiness combined,

That the perfect person will find me soon,

That this lonely life will be shared by two.

Gift of GodĀ 

You’re born with it but most won’t die with it,

There’s a time in each persons life when they give it up,

To a friend, a spouse, a stranger, a lover,

And society says it’s important,

Society will make you believe only to give it to those you love,

But society is wrong,

Give this curse away, it’s no gift, 

Once it’s gone life is bright,

You’re free from society’s shackles and expectations,

They cannot stop you now, they can only make you regret,

But how can you regret what you enjoyed so much,

You have beaten society and you will again.


The further you get,

The better you get,

The happier you feel,

The smile you share,

The embraces you give,

They can all collapse in seconds,

You’re back where you were,

You’re as bad as before,

You’re as sad as in the past,

You frown like before,

You lose contact with all,

It’s a crushing blow again.