I’ve done several poems and thought let’s mix it up let’s just write a little something. So here is a little piece of pure thought from my head.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while now, why do all the best ones die? Why does it seem all the good people of our world die young? Or die forgotten, they do brilliant work and then people forget them. Why? Is it truly just that people who do good are forgotten. Some wish to remain anonymous, they remain secret Heroes, they save lives yet they need no appraisal for they are content knowing they have done good. Others do good and expect to be recognised they expect that their good deeds get remembered and make them look better. 

Of those two types of people, who deserves the praise? It seems they both do good yet the intentions matter more than the deed. Doing good to help others deserves more recognition than doing good for recignition for knowinging that the person does good for others is surely better than than doing good for recignstion, on the other hand we see that actually both have done good and therefore both deserve praise.