Shards of glass and shards of iceĀ 

Shards of glass glisten in the sunlight 

Shards of ice slowly melt away 

A shattered window a shattered dream 

That’s my life today 

Came crashing down with three small words 

And now it fades away 

These shards of ice and shards of glass are all that I have left 

The ice it melts it leaves a pool within which I could drown 

The shards of glass so sharp and cold can rip open my soul 

These shards have broken from each other so now let them break me 

These bloody shards for yes they are covered in what’s in me 


Living corpse

A living corpse, an absurd idea.

Yet my flesh decomposes, 

It leaves just bone and skin,

My weight decreases every day,

As I slide from man to skeleton,

From flesh to bone,

From alive to dead.

I cannot live if I’m corpse,

But I cannot be buried if I live,

My life is a lie, confused as hell,

Fire so hot it burns your skin, 

Yet colours so beautiful your life is fulfilled.